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Body Hair Vs. Feminism

Mumsie Beaver

Should we keep our unshaven arms down when we are in public? Should it be compulsory for us to forcefully rip the hair out of our vaginas before a date? Should an unshaven leg be kept hidden? The hardcore feminist in you may very well be screaming “NO!” while circling her bra, still aflame, above her head in an angry rage…but is that really for the best?

We are always told how we are surrounded by media images of hairless women (and yes, we are), after studies estimate that we are exposed to up to 5,000 adverts in an average day and we all know that sex sells! We are told that these adverts are only here to satisfy the male gaze…but is it really? Body hair is an extremely personal choice, and it should remain just that – a choice. Some people like body hair, and others don’t –…

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