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Vegan Scotcheroo Protein Bars


Vegan_Scotcheroo_Protein_Bars_CoverIt is official! I am back at college and my long, hectic days begin tomorrow. It is a bittersweet moment but I am still fairly excited to be back on campus and getting into the rhythm of life again. But that rhythm most of the time is more of a five year old going crazy on the drums instead a well organized orchestra, making getting any sort of actual meal a little difficult to do, especially if you need to be able to eat it as you are sprinting across campus towards your next class. So after messing around a bit, I came up with these vegan scotcheroo protein bars that are so delicious you would never guess they weren’t a dessert.

Vegan_Protein_Bars_Uncut_TopI never originally intended for these to come out tasting so similar to an actual Scotcheroo, but after having a few (or the entire pan) I realized that…

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