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Signs of Being a Writer

Reader, I Wrote It

Writers, nod along in painful recognition. Non-writers, send wine and chocolate. You’ll see we are a pretty messed up bunch…

The signs of being a writer:

1.You take a notebook and pen with you to bed just in case inspiration strikes as you’re sleeping. Who am I kidding? It ALWAYS happens at night.

2. You have to get the afore-mentioned pen surgically removed because you slept on it. Okay, that’s a lie but I’m checking I have your full attention.

3. You can finally get revenge on all the people in your life who have peed you off, through the medium of making them ‘baddies’ in your book. Or killing them. Slowly. Violently.

4. You worry that your mum will recognise herself in your next novel, so you make the character extra specially nice. You want a decent Christmas present after all.

5. You initially join every writing group/community known to…

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