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A Slice From My Philosophy

Great blog post from Alex sharing his life philosophy.

Alex Fayman's Blog

If life is a gift, then you’ve basically received an ongoing membership to your local gym. Looking back, my tribulations seem more vivid than the seemingly brief periods of true happiness. Perhaps it’s just human psychology. As a species, we tend to experience heavier doses of pain during difficult times than cheer while riding a wave of joy.

Exercise is a great metaphor for life because our time is mostly spent in training. As our bodies develop and then regress with age, we exercise our minds through experiential learning. This is why we dream of going back in time to teach our younger selves what we learned in the school of life.

If we are living a decathlon, like athletes relying on high-grade nutrition, we need to feast on positive emotions in order to last through the entire race. Being emphatically particular with the type of people you let into…

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