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Self-ish selfies

Words dipped in Happiness

Hello, So how many of you are obsessed with taking selfies? Don’t worry. Include me too. But the problem is, what is selfie? What is meaning of front cam?
Keeping that aside, how our eyes function as? Rear cam or front cam? Obviously rear cam. We see the whole world with our eyes, which is infront of us. So rear cam scenario is justified. Ok. What is for front cam with respect to eyes! Seeing what is present on the backside of our eyes! So how can we see? Though we close our eyes, we see complete darkness.
So our eyes are like old generation cameras, which only have ability to take view of things only infront of us.


Let us think it in other way. May be our eyes are also working as front cam. But what we find with our closed eyes is only darkness. May be that’s…

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