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The “War of Art” discussed by Christian Kallias (@KalliasX)

Following my previous two posts about my artist friends Christian and Valentina, I would like to refer you to a a new blog post from Christian Kallias where he explains the struggle of the writer to keep up with motivation and doubt for a prolonged amount of time.

It resonates with my experience outside of art, namely in my startup and business life. When working on long lasting projects, there is typically the excitement phase where I am enthusiastic, passionate and energetic. This period lasts until I feel that the product or project is growing fast and taking shape. There is then a dip of motivation nearing the launch where I feel that everything in the universe is just allying against me performing at my best… well obviously I self-generate this myself… or the “resistance” as Steve Pressfield calls it in the book.

I recommend warmly reading the blog post of Christian and also the Book of Steve Pressfield for all of you struggling in marathon projects.

Take Care – Truly Yours – @Waltika

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