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The Well-Intentioned Manager’s New Year’s Resolution: Have More Fun

Blanchard LeaderChat

Cute girl sitting on ice skatesIt’s the New Year, and I hope you’ll forgive one more post on resolutions—although this one might be a little different from what you expect.

Because our topic is the well intentioned manager and the mistakes they make, what you aren’t going to hear from me is a lot of ideas on what you could do better. In fact, you are going to hear the exact opposite. Our last post received a very relevant comment:

“I see good managers who are so dedicated they fall out of balance—working too many hours vs. focusing on value. This is damaging to their health, ends up not being sustainable for the business, and sets a poor example to their teams that you have to martyr yourself to be successful in management.”

It’s true. Good managers who care about their people often put themselves last. They work like crazy, take care of people at…

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