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Is OLAP Terminally Ill?

Soft Coded Logic

Someone told me yesterday that “OLAP is dead”. “Everyone is choosing tabular/in-memory.” I know it’s not dead, maybe at least sick. But did I underestimate the time of the tipping point, the curve in the hockey stick, where the vast majority of users will “sensibly choose” the tabular/in-memory option over OLAP?

I realize some, including me, think this topic is beaten to death. From the point of view that OLAP is my bread and butter, my top skill (I should have become a cop like my dad wanted), of course I took it to the heart, and take things (including “official” word from MSFT) with a grain of salt. But I also realize the person who told me this is very bright and knows the market. So I had to take a time-out today to revisit this issue as a reality check on my own professional strategy; a good thing to do every now…

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