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Data, Knowledge and Models

These are three words that are key to my vision of company success.

Data that we collect allows us to record our reality.

Knowledge that we formalize allows us to gain insight in the mechanics of our reality.

Models allow us to formulate hypothesis about the world and validate them.

Increasing need for speed and reactivity means for the companies life that relying only on the memory of their people, their intuition or rigor represents an increasing operational risk. Don’t take me wrong, intuition, memory and rigor are still key but can be optimised with the help of Data, Knowledge and models.

Why do I believe this is becoming now increasingly important? Simply because the world is global, interconnected and extremely fast moving which increases the risk of individual failure. The typical answer relies in documentation and processes but comes with inevitable increased rigidity and a slow down which is counterproductive. Again, this does not mean that I don’t believe in processes or documentation but I strongly believe that merging data and knowledge in formal models allows for a much better actionable representation of processes than documents and manual checking.

I’m working currently on looking at these problems from a bird-eye view and seeing whether there are opportunities for helping out companies with these passions of mine.

Walter Wartenweiler on Quora

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