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Social Media discoveries

I’m interested in Social Media… that’s kind of obvious but why?

There are many reasons but foremost I think there are till a lot of hidden ways to generate great traffic to the websites which matter, great ways of finding people that would be unreachable otherwise and great ways to extend your reach in general.

My 3 favourite – and unknown until a few weeks back – social media discoveries

UGC – User Generated Contests

Give a price to your visitors for doing something that serves your goals. You need demo material, ask your users to enter into a contest to do it for you and make a price that thanks the winner – for instance the best material shared the most – of your contest. Two achievements in one: you have your content and your community shared it for you with their community.

Social Media accelerators

Who doesn’t want to extend the power of it’s social media activities? Well, there are some ways to do so beyond normal like and sharing. My favourite is Empire Avenue. Why an accelerator? Because, in a nutshell, the better your actual reach, the more Eaves you get and the more Eaves you can spend on extending your reach (through Missions, Investment in other actors and recommandations you can get from your portfolio). Still a lot to discover on the hidden mechanics of the game but I will keep you posted.

Personal Search

We hear often that search ranking is more and more influenced by quality content as well as social sharing but it’s even more tricky than that with G+. Actually the search results you get are influenced by your G+ network so, looking at it from the other side, the reach a social actor has on G+ allows him to get better ranking on the search results of his network and his network’s network. Wow…

More to come as I continue my learning! Meantime enjoy the social media and share my content!

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