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Changing job

I was for almost 17 years working out of the same seat. Great learning experience, excellent products, so many different job titles and responsibilities. Most important: lots of great folks but now it’s time to move on.

Move on because what we built gets integrated into something that is too big for me. Move on because I like fresh starts and found it difficult to have new fresh starts in a bigger organisation. Move on because I feel it’s time for my own challenges.

So I’m working now with my friends of icCube ( while – at the same time – looking at my own company. It will be about data, analytics and social media. Data has its own personality, its own life-cycle, it’s own reason for being shared and viewed as well as so many facets from which it can be analysed  I want to bring your data alive!

So it’s startup life now. All good stuff I’m preparing myself for since years now and am ready to execute on.

More to come on this blog!

Walter Wartenweiler on Quora

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